Weapons & Firearms Offences

Weapons & Firearms Offences:

While we defend – and defend well – those charged with misusing firearms, the reality is most individuals charged with gun offences are otherwise innocent citizens who have run afoul of Canada’s confusing gun regulations relating to possession and storage.

Charged with improper storage of a firearm? Or possessing a prohibited firearm? The consequences of a conviction for firearm offences can be severe: you can get a criminal record, your firearms can be confiscated, and you can be prohibited from owning firearms in the future. You could even see jail time.

Gun ownership is heavily regulated in Canada. While there are valid reasons, at least in theory, why this is so, a consequence of this much regulation is that even well-intentioned gun owners can find themselves in trouble.

At Edelson Law, there is a lot we can do if you’re charged with a firearm related offence. If there is a technical argument to be made about the nature of the firearm, or a constitutional argument to be made regarding the seizure itself, or a legal argument to be made as to whether the Crown has actually proved possession beyond a reasonable doubt, we will make it.

If you’ve been charged with a weapons or firearms offence, call us.


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