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Connie D’Angelo



onnie’s mission in representing you is to obtain the most favorable result for your case. Her client focused service works with you every step of the way, as we navigate you through the criminal justice system. Underlying her legal services for clients, are her values of a strong work ethic, compassion, empathy, integrity, professionalism, and the belief that everyone should have equal access to justice, resulting frequently with no charges being laid, or the withdrawal or reduction of criminal charges.

Connie was called to the Bar of Ontario in 1993, and has practised exclusively in the area of criminal law. Connie has worked with Michael Edelson since 1991. Together they have successfully represented some of the highest profile cases in Canada and Ontario, often navigating intense media and public scrutiny, relating to these clients.

Connie has exceptional experience in the preparation and defence of drinking and driving offences (DUI), drug offences, motor vehicle fatalities, sexual offences, offences of violence, homicides, white collar crime, property offences, police criminal and disciplinary offences, provincial offences, coroner’s inquests, as well as large complex cases.

Connie’s passion for legal research, legal writing, and evidentiary analysis, has produced innovative and effective legal arguments submitted to all levels of Courts, and Crown Prosecutors.

Connie is also well-versed in law enforcement training, investigative procedures and protocols, that govern police conduct in their interactions with the public. She has the ability to assess the weaknesses (or strengths) in the prosecution’s case, and critically evaluate the police investigation. Together with her formidable legal knowledge and preparation, these skills enable her to provide strategic analysis from the outset.

Connie’s legal abilities and negotiation skills, have resulted in hundreds of clients having avoided any criminal charges being laid, having their criminal charges either withdrawn, or reduced to a lesser provincial offence. By being spared the consequences of a criminal record, clients are freed from the many complications and restrictions a conviction can carry.

By devising creative, innovative, and often precedent setting legal arguments, she provides unparalleled service to her clients.

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