Drug Charges

Drug Charges:

For all the progress that has been made over the years, drug laws in Canada are still very strict. Some drug charges still carry mandatory minimum penalties, while other drug charges, upon conviction, can lead to lengthy terms of imprisonment.

Charged with a drug offence under the Controlled Drug and Substances Act or Canada’s new Cannabis Act? We can help.

The lawyers at Edelson Law routinely defend people charged with drug possession, drug trafficking, and drug production charges. We also have a wealth of experience in defending people charged with importing drugs, or who are alleged to have been part of drug-related criminal conspiracies or organizations.

The law surrounding drug prosecutions is as expansive as it is complicated. Rest assured, if you have a defence, our lawyers will advance it: we will make any and all constitutional, legal, or technical arguments that can me made to try to get your charges withdrawn, pled down, or if your matter is going to trial, to obtain an acquittal for you.

Do not plead guilty to a drug offence, even for simple possession, without speaking to us first. The consequences of you doing so can be more far-reaching than you know.

Call us instead.

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