Domestic Assault

Domestic violence and domestic assault charge allegations are taken very seriously by both law enforcement and prosecutors. Many police forces have a must charge policy whenever an accusation is made, even if the complainant does not want to proceed with criminal charges after making an initial complaint.

We understand that difficult family experiences, relationships, and interactions can lead to unfortunate outcomes. If you've found yourself charged with domestic assault or domestic mischief, you need an experienced and committed criminal defence lawyer by your side to protect your rights and preserve your future.


The Consequences of Domestic Assault Charges

When sentencing a person for an assault in a domestic setting, the Criminal Code requires a judge to consider it an aggravating feature that the offender abused his or her partner. Aggravating factors can produce tougher sentences, something we work tirelessly to prevent when defending our clients.

Even first-time offenders convicted of a domestic-related offence may end up with a criminal record, placed on strict terms of probation, and given jail time.

The implications of a guilty finding for domestic assault can have a devastating impact on your reputation, your ability to travel, your employment, family relationships, child access, and so much more.

If you are charged with a domestic offence, our lawyers will meet with you to review the evidence and examine every possible defence on your behalf. We are experts in representing people accused of domestic assault in Ottawa and the greater Eastern Ontario Region.


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Protection Against Domestic Assault Charges

The experienced criminal defence lawyers at Edelson Foord Law have a longstanding history of success defending clients dealing with domestic assault allegations. We have extensive experience in:

  • Partner assault
  • Stalking
  • Criminal harassment
  • Uttering Threats
  • Mischief (e.g. damage to property)
  • Forcible or unlawful confinement
  • And many more

It’s not uncommon for the accused to be prohibited from contacting their spouse or children during an investigation. We understand how difficult and challenging these circumstances can be — which is why we work to mitigate restrictions that could cause further domestic issues or hardships in your life.

Depending on the nature of your case, we’ll work to discover the best possible defence for your domestic assault charges.  Our experienced legal team will diligently review all disclosure and any related documents (including family court documents), conduct interviews, and leave no stone unturned in trying to establish reasonable doubt for your case, or trying to obtain the best possible resolution of your matter.

We’ll work on your behalf to protect your rights and safeguard your relationships with your family and friends. We understand that many domestic disputes or assault allegations stem from family financial issues or divorce. We take every element into account when seeking resolutions for our client so that any other ongoing legal proceedings are not affected by the current circumstances.




f you or someone you know is faced with domestic assault charges in Ottawa or the greater Eastern Ontario Region — we’re here to help. The experienced and committed domestic assault lawyers here at Edelson Law are standing by to meet with you and discuss your options. Please contact our office by calling (613) 237-2290 or email us today to reach one of our dedicated criminal law professionals. 

We believe in the presumption of innocence and that everyone deserves capable legal representation.  We’ll provide you with that sound representation and explore all possible routes for resolution.  And if a resolution is not possible or appealing enough in your case, we’ll fight in court if your case goes to trial. Domestic assault charges are emotionally taxing and can greatly impact your future. Let Edelson Foord Law help protect your rights so that you can preserve your family relationships and prevent serious legal consequences.

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