Domestic Assault

Domestic Assault:

Allegations of domestic assault are treated extremely seriously by police – so much so that many police forces have a must charge policy whenever an accusation is made, even if the complainant does not want to proceed with criminal charges.

Charged with domestic assault or domestic mischief? The Criminal Code requires a judge, when sentencing a person for an assault in a domestic setting, to consider it an aggravating feature that the offender abused his or her spouse or common-law partner.

In other words, domestic assaults are not only treated seriously by the police, but also by our Courts. Even first-time offenders convicted of a domestic-related offence may be given a criminal record, put on strict terms of probation, and given jail time.

The implications of a guilty finding for domestic assault can have a devastating impact on your reputation, your ability to travel, your employment and on any ongoing family or child access related proceedings you may also have with your partner or ex-partner.

If you are charged with a domestic offence, our lawyers will meet with you, review the evidence, and examine every possible defence on your behalf. We are experts in representing people accused of domestic assault in Ottawa and the greater Eastern Ontario region.

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