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Have you been charged with a criminal offence? Are you under police investigation? Is there a warrant out for your arrest, and you're now in need of legal advice? Are you in jail and attempting to get bail? Are you considering an appeal? Let the criminal defence lawyers at Edelson Law help you.

Our team practices primarily in Ottawa and in the Eastern Ontario area, but we're able to provide clients with discreet and trustworthy representation throughout the province. If needed, we're able to appear in other provinces and countries if your case involves cross-jurisdictional or international issues.


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Facing Criminal Charges Can Be Terrifying. We’ll Help. 

Whether it’s impaired driving, domestic violence, drug charges, sexual assault, theft, white-collar crimes, or firearms offences — our experienced criminal lawyers have proven expertise to help our clients navigate the criminal process. 

We make it our mission to achieve the best possible resolution or withdrawal of charges for our clients. If we’re unable to obtain a timely and reasonable resolution — we’ll work on your behalf to defend your future in a contested court trial. Our tried and tested criminal defence lawyers exhaust every possible avenue to ensure the best possible results for our clients. 

False accusations or exaggerated claims are made about exceptional citizens every day. Let us help you to ensure your life is not derailed as a result. 

We understand that those charged with a criminal offence are scared, confused, alone, and unsure about what their future holds. 


Our criminal defence lawyers can help.

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Criminal Defence Services 

Becoming involved in the criminal justice system doesn’t need to define the rest of your life. At Edelson Law, we’ll do everything we can to ensure that it won’t. We offer a wide range of criminal defence services and will help you navigate the challenges of criminal charges.


Our energetic and skilled trial lawyers will vigorously fight to defend your rights should your case go to court. With Edelson Law, you’ll be in good hands. Let us help today.


In situations where you or the opposing counsel disagree with the judge’s decision, we’ll take your case to appeal. There, we’ll fight in your favour to reverse unfavourable decisions for you, or to maintain those decisions that the prosecutor is appealing that were favourable for you.  We’re here to defend you even after trial and on appeal.


We know that stakes are high in bail hearings, and there’s exceptional pressure to plead guilty when you are in jail awaiting trial. Don’t — at least not without speaking to us first.  Our criminal defence attorneys will work tirelessly to defend your freedoms at this incredibly crucial time. We have a proven track record of success at the bail and bail review stage.  Let us fight for you.

Constitutional Challenges

If we believe the charges against you are unconstitutional, or that you have been deprived of a valid defence due to an unconstitutional law, we will challenge that law, and we will fight for you to ensure your constitutional rights are protected.  We will challenge any unconstitutional law, whether it is provincial or federal. Let the experienced lawyers at Edelson Law help you today.


Not every case needs to proceed to trial. Sometimes, we can get your charges withdrawn or stayed without the need for a trial, or alternatively, at least pled down to a less serious offence.  We’ll fight for a favourable and timely resolution for you at every turn. Indeed, we pride ourselves on our ability to often get charges dealt with in a favourable way early in proceedings, and soon after you’ve been charged.  If you’ve been charged, speak to one of our experienced lawyers today so that we can start helping you put your life back on track immediately.

Pre-Charge Investigations

If you’re alleged to have been involved in illegal activity or you’re worried you may be a suspect in a criminal investigation, don’t wait. Contact Edelson Law today and speak with an experienced criminal defence attorney to stay ahead of potentially incriminating evidence during the pre-charge phase, and oftentimes, to avoid criminal charges being laid entirely.


If you're unsure about what your next steps should be, our skilled legal professionals also offer sound advice and counsel to ensure that you're on the right path.
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We Put Our Clients First 

Edelson Law puts clients first. We work tirelessly to defend your rights and firmly believe that everyone is entitled to a rigorous legal defence. Over the years, we’ve succeeded in defending our clients in some of the most high-profile cases in all of Ontario.

With over 75 years of combined criminal defence experience, our lawyers are more than prepared to take on your case. We’ve established an incredible reputation with judges and opposing counsel through dedication and commitment to excellence. We’re available to our clients both day and night, with open lines of communication and flexibility with our phone calls, client meetings, and electronic communication channels.

With Edelson Law, you’re in accomplished and capable hands. 



Facing criminal prosecution or even the threat of criminal charges leaves people in a vulnerable and challenging position. We believe that no one should have to navigate those turbulent waters without talented legal protection and representation.

Our team of decorated and incredibly knowledgeable lawyers is experienced in handling all things criminal. No file is too big or too small for us to manage. Whether it’s criminal mischief or murder, we’re capable of handling any charge. If a law is unconstitutional, we’ll challenge it with talent and tenacity.

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