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Sexual Violence

Sexual assault is any unwanted touching for a sexual purpose. Even an allegation of sexual assault can change your life forever. Where the accusation is made by a family member or person under your care, the effects of a criminal charge can be devastating. We understand what is at stake and will do everything to defend your good name and reputation.

If you have been charged with sexual assault, it is essential that you retain experienced counsel to address these serious charges. Aside from the reputational damage that can be wrought by a sexual assault conviction, the federal Sex Offender Information Registration Act (SOIRA) provides for continued monitoring and reporting conditions for convicted sex offenders. These restrictions and conditions can last for a lifetime. If you are convicted, you will likely be ordered to provide a DNA sample, which will be placed in the national DNA databank.

Sexual assault allegations become increasingly complex when they are historic in nature – that is, the complainant claims that he or she was sexually assaulted many years ago. In these cases, our experienced lawyers literally reconstruct the past in defending these charges. We have achieved a great deal of success in defending sexual assault charges of all kinds. If you are facing the life-long stigma that comes with a sexual assault charge, choose our team of experienced criminal counsel.