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Financial Crimes

Fraud is using deceit to take something that does not rightfully belong to you. Unfortunately, you may be charged as a result of a bad business deal or an investment gone wrong. Fraud charges often require a careful and meticulous approach – and a review of hundreds, or even thousands of documents.
In the current economic climate, we find that fraud charges are becoming increasingly common. All too often, negligence or errors in business dealings and transactions can lead to allegations of criminal fraud. In many cases, we are able to intervene discreetly at the pre-charge stage and do our best to convince the authorities that the matter is best dealt with as a civil matter, not a criminal charge. A fraud conviction (or even an allegation) can be devastating to your personal or business reputation. It is essential that experienced counsel intervene and assist you before irreparable damage is done to your good name.

In particular, these “white collar” prosecutions can be extraordinarily complex, requiring a patient, experienced and thorough approach to your case. In these matters, our clients have ranged from small business owners to senior executives in publically-traded multinational corporations. We understand that such cases must be approached with care and discretion.